Reducing waste is about more than throwing away less. While it’s good to be mindful of the rubbish we discard, that ambition alone has its limits. From pizza boxes and milk cartons to paper coffee cups to-go, life today would be unthinkable, if not impossible, without disposable packing materials.

That’s not to say we must accept waste or expand our landfill sites, quite the opposite. Simply banning single-use packaging might not lead to the best possible outcome; innovation has more merit.

We should feel encouraged to think bigger.

So, what if we could reduce waste by not creating it in the first place? 🤔

At Colombier, our purpose is to do exactly that.

We design and produce eco-friendly recyclable substitutes to plastic and aluminium packages. These paper based solutions remain in the loop and become valuable raw materials after use.

Existing paper recycling infrastructure is perfect for harvesting the used packages and reusing the materials.

Reducing waste is not difficult at all. But one must rid the traditional thinking and embrace innovation. Contact us. We’ll be happy to help you make your packages fit the circular economy.