Cardboard is a clever construction. While laminated board consists of multiple layers of paper glued together to make the material thicker and stronger, corrugated board takes it up a notch. Wavy carton is used to strengthen and reinforce packaging cardboard, adding rigidity, and reducing overall weight. For finishing, the crinkled carton is covered on both sides with brown kraft paper – and, as is always the case, it’s the inside that counts.

The coating is applied to the inner kraft paper, the part on the inside of the package directly in contact with its contents. This prevents moisture, water vapor, and grease leakages, ensuring no penetration or compromise of the cardboard used. Traditionally, the inside of the box is covered with polluting plastic or PET lining, but Colombier offers a sustainable solution with fully recyclable EcoBarrier™ kraft paper for corrugated boxes.

Tailor-made coating solution
The standard EcoBarrier™ coating is ideal and more than sufficient for most end-uses, such as food trays, lunch boxes, and biscuit packages. However, for more demanding products like meat and those with higher liquid content, or if there are any specific needs, we’re happy to provide a tailormade coating solution.

Two-way barrier
The advantage of working with EcoBarrier™ kraft paper is that food packages can be recycled with the regular paper waste stream, as it’s a guaranteed plastic-free solution. Moreover, our brown kraft paper enables food producers to work with recycled cardboard to begin with. Our barrier works two ways: it protects the contents of the package from leaking out and prevents the migration of mineral oils from recycled fibre into the package contents.

Colombier EcoBarrier™ brown kraft paper adds a layer of ingenuity to corrugated cardboard packaging. Follow us for more sustainable innovations, or unwrap the potential of our ready-to-use packaging solutions