Colombier UK Ltd have invested in a state of the art UK built Coiler / rewinder.
This brand new coiling machine has the ability to convert up to 20x coils at once, down to as little as 50mm wide, utilising fully automatic knife adjustment, automatic Twin Bow Roll separation, and brake regeneration energy saving technologies.

We had a successful start-up and currently operate two-shifts on the coiler” says Kevin Dyer, Managing Director Colombier UK. “Various potential customers have visited us in order to see the coiler running. We are confident of additional business, Our focus is now on increasing the machine speed from 700 meters per minute nearer to the maximum 1.000 meters per minute,” continues Dyer.



Specifically engineered for the eco brown / packaging grade substrate, this new machine offers Colombier UK Ltd’s customers the ability to diversify their products for use in eco-friendly paper bags, sack kraft, and all types of recyclable substrate manufacture.
Curious about all the benefits of our new coiler machine for your commodities? Get in touch with the specialists of Colombier UK Ltd.


  • Produce coils down to 50mm wide
  • Produce up to 20x coils at once
  • Fully automatic male + female knife setting
  • Fully Automatic Twin Bow Rolls
  • Energy Saving Brake Regeneration system