Our recyclable to-go-cup is now officially garden compostable.

Din Certco granted Home and Garden Composting Certificate for Colombier to-go cup. Our cupstock is made of components and materials that fully decompose into the soil without producing toxic residues in the process. Our eco-friendly material successfully passed NF T51-800:2015 Certification scheme for products made of compostable materials for home and garden composting.

DIN home compostable

DIN home compostable to-go-cups

In order to comply with the home composting requirements the material was tested for:
– Chemical characterization
– Complete biodegradability
– Disintegration
– Plant compatibility (ecotoxicity test)
– Earthworm toxicity test (for AS 5810)

Colombier to-go cups are available in 6 standard sizes. The garden compostable cupstock ships in various substances and reel widths. Need more info about our Ecobarrier Flex™ technology or our recyclable to-to cups? Click here