Ecological Food Service boards

Thanks to Colombier EcoBarrier™ technology, your food service boards can be plastic-free, as defined by European Union’s SUP Directive.

No plastic, no biodegradable plastic, no bio-based plastic: just 100% recyclable paperboard mono-material instead.


Z 100% recyclable (PAP21)
Z Transparant or coloured Colombier EcoBarrier™ coating
Z Used for creating food trays, food containers, clamshells, cups and bowls
Z Heat sealable, ovenable and freezable

plastic paperboards


Plastic-free food service board that is compliant with EU’s new SUP directive. Does not require “Plastic in product” marking.

100% recyclable as paperboard

After use, products made from our food service board are fully recyclable as regular paperboard (PAP21)

FDA and BfR compliant

Our Colombier EcoBarrier™-coated products are FDA and BfR compliant for food contact.

Compostable mono-material

Our Colombier EcoBarrier™ does not produce any microplastics when biodegrading.


Colombier EcoBarrier™-coated food service board runs similar to traditional FSB in your existing converting machines.

our revolutionary COLOMBIER Ecobarrier™ technology

Colombier EcoBarrier™ technology uses the aqueous dispersion method to create a barrier between the paperboard and the liquid inside. Traditionally, these barrier properties have been achieved with a plastic lining. Colombier EcoBarrier™ technology achieves the same result without using plastics through an innovative, environmentally friendly chemical process that applies heat, drying and application knowledge to create a water- and grease-resistant mono-material. Therefore, it is compliant with the EU’s new SUP directive and fully recyclable as paper waste (PAP21). Paper products made using Colombier EcoBarrier™ technology can be recycled up to six times into new paperboard products. The Colombier EcoBarrier™ contains inorganic pigments, bio-based organic components, non-plastic polymers, and water. Colombier EcoBarrier™ is FDA and BfR compliant and can thus be used in various food service applications, such as flexible packaging, to-go cups, to-go food packaging, barrier bags and more.


plastic paperboards

About Colombier

We are Colombier. We create recoverable solutions for paper board and packaging. With nearly 50 years of experience in the paper industry, we are now focusing on an environmentally friendly world with our newest technology: Colombier EcoBarrier™.

Tons of paper and board converted every year

Years of experience in the paper industry

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Colombier EcoBarrier™ really green?

Yes, our fiber-based packaging is fully recyclable, repulpable and compostable. Due to the plastic-free barrier, all products made from this material will comply with the EU’s SUP directive.

Why is COLOMBIER EcoBarrier™ the ecofriendly alternative?

The Colombier Ecobarrier™ contains inorganic pigments, bio-based organic components, non-plastic polymers and water. This makes our product plastic-free and fully recyclable.

does colombier food service board have a “bio” or “plant-based” coating?

Our food service boards do not contain bio- or plant-based plastics. They do not have a biodegradable plastic coating either. Colombier EcoBarrier™ is a barrier made without plastic whatsoever and is therefore fully compliant with the EU’s SUP directive and fully recyclable as paperboard mono-material (PAP21). That is why it is an exceptional environmentally friendly solution for food service board.

Does the colombier EcoBarrier™ require new production methods?

No, our food service board runs on your converting machines just like regular coated paperboard. Some parameters will require fine-tuning, however, to run optimally.

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The material is fully repulpable as mono-material and does not require an expensive and environmentally inferior paper and plastic lining separation process. Therefore, it is recyclable as paperboard (PAP21).

Is your fsb made from recycled wood fiber?

In food contact, we use virgin wood fibers to make our Colombier Ecobarrier™ safe and hygienic. With recycled fibers, there are always traces of unwanted chemicals and substance (e.g., the ink used for printing). Hence, using recycled fibers would not be entirely safe for food contact applications. We certainly use recycled fibers in other Colombier Ecobarrier™ applications, where there is no food contact, such as kraft packaging.

Can I get a sample of the food service boards?

We are happy to provide you samples of our food service boards. Just request your sample in the contact form below.

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Next Gen Cup

Nextgen cup challenge

Colombier is one of the winners of the NextGen Cup Challenge:
a global innovation challenge to redesign the fiber to-go cup and create a widely recyclable or compostable cup.
reset retail


Colombier teamed up with world-class retailers to eliminate use of plastic in retail industry.



smit dorlas


The Dutch coffee company Smit&Dorlas starts stocking Colombier’s recyclable and compostable plastic-free coffee cups.

We are ready for a plastic-free world. Are you?

Colombier works with retail brands, wholesalers and companies that want the most environmentally friendly solution for paperboards.


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