Ecological Flexible packaging

Colombier EcoBarrier™ technology, creates plastic-free flexible packaging, as defined by European Union’s Single Use Plastic Directive.

Our vision is to design and produce sustainable packaging materials that are recyclable and
compostable, spare global resources and make single-use plastic redundant.


Z Monomaterial, 100% recyclable as paper waste (PAP22)
Z Suitable for food contact (BfR and FDA compliant)
Z Designed to replace plastic and aluminum (layer) in food packaging, including Doypack and paper-based pouches and bags.






Colombier ecobarrier flex

EcoBarrier™ Flex

Flexible packaging to replace food packaging like Doypack and paper-based pouches and bags

to-go cups

To-Go Cups

Hot and cold beverage cups, soup cups, ice-cream cups
and C/PAP84. 

To-Go food packaging

Paper plates, salad bowls, bakery boxes, take-away containers, delicacy and sandwich wraps, sushi trays, triangle sandwich boxes

corrugated materials

Corrugated materials

Water and grease proof liners and boxes

industrial packaging

Industrial packaging

Protective materials and solutions, paper reel wrapping and ream wraps, floor protection materials, mailing envelopes, barrier boards.

Colombier Ecobarrier™ technology

Colombier EcoBarrier Flex™ is our latest fiber-based innovation for flexible packaging. It helps Colombier’s cusomers migrate from traditional plastic and aluminium food wraps to renewable packaging. EcoBarrier Flex™ is a mono-material that is easily recyclable as regular paper waste (PAP22) while it’s industry leading barrier properties permit demanding applications and long-shelf life.

  • Great barrier properties against water, grease and oxygen – equivalent to traditional plastic layers
  • Excellent heat and sealability and fast runnability on flexible packaging equipment
Flexible packaging ecobarrier flex

About Colombier

We are Colombier. We create recoverable solutions for paper board and packaging. With nearly 50 years of experience in the paper industry, we are now focusing on an environmentally friendly world with our newest technology: Colombier EcoBarrier™.

Tons of paper and board converted every year

Years of experience in the paper industry

Frequently Asked Questions

is the flexible packaging recyclable?

The material is fully repulpable as mono­-material and does not require an expensive and environmentally inferior separation process for the paper and plastic lining. Therefore, it is recyclable as regular paper packaging (PAP22).

Why is Colombier EcoBarrier™ the eco-friendly alternative?

The Colombier EcoBarrier™ contains inorganic pigments, bio-based organic components, non-plastic polymers, and water. This makes our product plastic-free and fully recyclable.

ARE Colombier’S Flexible packaging “bio”?

Our flexible packaging is not made from boiled base plastic or biodegradable plastic. Colombier EcoBarrier™ is a barrier made without using any plastic whatsoever and is therefore fully compliant with the EU’s SUP directive and fully recyclable as paperboard mono-material (PAP21). That’s why it is an exceptional environmentally friendly solution for flexible packaging.

Does colombier EcoBarrier™ require new production methods?

No, our flexible packaging material runs on your converting machines in the same way as standard coated paper or paperboard. Some parameters will require fine-tuning, however, to run optimally.

Read more about paper and board converting services

Is Colombier EcoBarrier™ really green?

Yes, our fiber-based packaging is fully recyclable, repulpable and compostable. Due to the plastic-free barrier, all products made from this product will comply with the EU’s SUP directive.


Certainly, there will be some differences. We can achieve excellent grease-, water-, and vapour-barrier properties with Colombier EcoBarrier™, but they will not necessarily always be as high as with plastic or aluminium. Therefore, it is important to understand the application and for us to work together to meet your specific needs and requirements. This often requires bespoke product development to suit your exact needs.

Can I receive a sample of the packaging?

We are happy to provide you with samples of our flexible packaging. Please request your sample using the contact form below.

We care about the future.

We are proud to be a leader in the circular economy.
And that is appreciated by others.

Next Gen Cup

Nextgen cup challenge

Colombier is one of the winners of the NextGen Cup Challenge:
a global innovation challenge to redesign the fiber to-go cup and create a widely recyclable or compostable cup.

reset retail


Colombier teamed up with world-class retailers to eliminate use of plastic in retail industry.

smit dorlas


The Dutch coffee company Smit&Dorlas starts stocking Colombier’s recyclable and compostable plastic-free coffee cups.

We are ready for a plastic-free world. Are you?

Colombier works with retail brands, wholesalers and companies that want the most environmentally friendly solution for flexible packaging.

Please contact us for more information or to request your flexible packaging sample.