Food packaging’s need for change

The global production industry, from the small local players to big multinationals, accepts that packaging has got to change. It has to be more environmentally friendly. 🌱

But everybody is proceeding with a lot of caution.

The problem of greenwashing
There is so much “greenwashing” out there, with many companies offering all kinds of local solutions, calling them “environmental”, but at the end of the day very few of them actually are. The most common is PLA lining, a plastic derived from sugarcane and other natural resources. In many ways they are worse than the traditional approach.
So, It is quite difficult for the industry and for food packaging brands and companies to find workable sustainable solutions, that are really sustainable.

Packaging as part of the whole product
Besides, packaging is a big part of the whole product – the buyer experience,
If you think about browsing a supermarket aisle and looking at the products and the packaging, they very much influence the choice of the consumer which product to buy.

Positive choices can be encouraged by allowing the brands to talk about the goodwill that’s contained in the environmental packaging. But at the same time, the marketing department of that food producer needs to make sure there are also other qualifications there that will convince the consumer to buy that product.

Especially within large companies, there are many pressures and decisions to be made about packaging and the move to more environmentally friendly solutions. Before a big brand changes its packaging, many iterations are needed – many opinions to be won over, and it can often take years to influence that trajectory.

Although the challenges…

Colombier is working through the operational issues to environmentally friendly packaging happen.

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