Despite the popularity of e-books, traditional paper books continue to hold their ground. A recent University study found that 96% of surveyed students preferred reading printed books over digital ones. This preference extends beyond students to many other readers, including young children raised in the digital age.

Digital books offer undeniable benefits such as accessibility, especially for those with visual impairments. However, the experience of holding and feeling a printed book and flipping through pages remains a strong draw for many. Moreover, printed books cause less eye strain and are more child-friendly. All in all, a printed book offers a reading experience that can not be reproduced by a digital device.

The changing art of publishing
Increasing number of books are printed on-demand allowing for individualised editions. Illustrations, photographs, and other design elements- that enrich the reading experience, are customisable. Entire books are designed by customers using digital tools to create paper books. Two technologies meet to yield the best of both worlds.

Recently, on-demand printing has gone even further. Book sellers’ websites are now linked directly to back-end printing systems so that online book orders drop directly on the integrated printing presses. Buyers no longer need to wait for out-of-stock publications and sellers don’t hold costly inventory.

25,000 books daily
Custom-made and on-demand books are printed using high-quality paper sheets. At our facility in Zeebrugge, Belgium, we currently produce sheets for 25,000 books daily. The exceptional precision and quality of our new cut-size capability ensures consistent sheet, ideal for high-speed digital print.

Convenient access and distribution
Colombier cut-size converting operation is conveniently located at the PSA Zeebrugge forest products harbour terminal. The Belgian deep-sea port provides easy access in and out of Western-Europe by sea, rail and road.

Put your wonderful words on Colombier’s paper, precision cut to your specific size.